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Pinterest, much? Oh, please, let’s not feign the whole, ‘Pinterest? What is that? What is this pinterest you speak of?’

We all know. We may not have all pinned, but we all know. And, more than likely, we’ve all spent countless hours perhaps not pinning but perusing other people’s pins. We’ve lost days we’ll never get back looking at people’s idea of a grand wedding or the perfect baby room (barf), or tattoos that aren’t meant to see the light of day. (more…)

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Part of my goal here is to provide resources from other sites that I have perused that can help with saving money while still eating well and having fun. (more…)

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I’m on the internet a lot. I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist, not much, but enough to know that, if not big brother, there are many others watching my actions on the internet. Yours, too. I’m not ok with this.

My genius husband, the man who is always looking out for my best interest (I’m pretty sure he reads this every now and then), showed me this website.

It blocks companies from tracking your actions while on the internet. It’s free, doesn’t take up much space, and I was blown away at how many companies track my actions.

What it does is, it puts a tiny thought bubble up by the internet address line, and will show you the number of ad networks, social networks, and and other tracking companies that have attempted to track your activity on that page, and which ones. The program blocks those attempts. You can then click on the thought bubble and it will tell you which companies were blocked.

So who cares, right? Let them track you, right? Here’s a page that explains how these tracking companies make money off of YOU and your kids if they are online as well.


I feel like I’m sticking it to ‘the man’ when I see the program blocking companies. Like I have the upper hand.

Check it out, keep your privacy. You can thank me by sharing the link or this post so others can protect their privacy as well. So you know, this is NOT an affiliate link. I don’t get paid to promote this, I just think it’s worthwhile.

Here’s the direct link:

Do Not Track Plus.

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