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Good for a Friday chuckle….


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I remember being a kid of about 13 watching Bill Cosby’s stand up routine on tv with my brother and parents. In fact, I believe we recorded it on Betamax. If you don’t know what a betamax is, go ask your parents.

I remember laughing at the section about parenting and kids. I was watching it from the perspective of a kid and thought, ‘YES, that’s how my parents are! That’s awesome, that he GETS IT!’

I told my seven-year old noodle the other day what a pigsty her room was and told her to clean it up. I had a flash at that moment of what my room looked like as a child her age. It was a pigsty. It drove my mom nuts.

What is it about growing up that we go from being in the pigsty to not being able to stand the pigsty and insisting that it gets cleaned up? I can’t decide if that is the one room of the house I just need to let the girl have ‘control’ over until she, herself, gets lost in it all, or if I’m doing her a favor by forcing her to keep it clean. I’m pretty sure if she cleaned it all up, we would discover there is a portal to another universe in there somewhere.

After I left my child in her room and told her to stay in there until she cleaned it (ya, I know, good luck on that one right?), I went to youtube and looked for the Bill Cosby standup routine from the early 80’s that I remember as a kid.

Lo and behold I found it. Now, the entire routine is a crack up, but I was specifically looking for the part about parents and their kids. As I watched, I chuckled then sucked my breath in when I realized I was actually relating to the routine from a parent’s perspective.

I kept thinking, ‘Yes! Bill Cosby understands how kids can mess us up! I used to be a person with personal interests and beautiful long, soft brown hair. I used to wear make up and dress up and go out on weekends and sleep until noon! That was me! I was that person!’

I have become the parent who gets so frustrated at their child sometimes that I can’t remember their name. I have gone through the list of names in our house, including the two cats and dog before I get to the child’s correct name.

Amusing and frightening at the same time. Every now and then as I’m losing my ever-loving mind because of the kids, God will pull me out of my body and have me observe from the sidelines. I watch in wonder and think, ‘well, that person sounds like my mom but looks like me.’

Then God puts me back in my body and let’s me soak it in.  Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

It’s actually kind of fun to be able to watch the routine and get it from both sides. And just so you know, if you watch the video, my parents have become the same grandparents Cosby says that his parents had become. I guess I’m headed in that direction, too.

If that’s the case that’s cool. I can’t wait to see my grandkids running around driving their parents nuts. Ha. Enjoy the video.

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